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In order to achieve a rich variety of hues and textures in her work, Soo employs several techniques. Some of the rice grains undergo a careful roasting process over low heat for 2-3 hours, resulting in distinct shades and textures. Additionally, she creates colors by delicately washing the rice with watercolor and using colored thinset. The thinset serves as the adhesive that securely attaches the rice onto the surface of the artwork. To produce the colored thinset, Soo combines acrylic paint with the thinset mixture. When working with the colored thinset, she specifically selects parboiled grains due to their inherent translucency, which allows the underlying colors to shine through, enhancing the overall visual effect of the artwork. These meticulous techniques contribute to the creation of Soo's vibrant and textured compositions.

Various types of rice

Roasting the rice

144 Hours of Time-lapse for Bite-Sized Joy (Rice Cake 2023)

Individually placed grains

Multiple layers of acrylic soft gel for extra bonding, seal, and protection. 
Matte varnish finish for UV Protection 

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