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Growing up in a family of immigrants can result in a cultural clash, as customs and traditions from two different countries intertwine to form a unique identity. Being Korean and American at the same time means seeing both countries through the lens of their respective cultures.

One integral part of Korean society and culture is the custom of making rice cake (tteok), which has been passed down through generations. Rice cake is meant to be shared with loved ones during times of celebration or mourning, and has evolved into its own art form. This body of work is inspired by the act of making rice cake, reflecting qualities of diligence, order, and harmony.

The ambiguous, simplified, abstract compositions in this body of work are inspired by rice cakes and are intended to inspire a personal experience. Although the viewer's perception of the images may be influenced by past experiences and exposures, there is still a sense of familiarity that connects us through the medium of rice.

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