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Soo Kim Yung (b. 1990) is a Korean-American painter whose artistic journey is deeply intertwined with her family's immigrant experience in the United States. Raised with the help of her grandparents, who had endured the hardships of the Korean War and witnessed their homeland's remarkable transformation from poverty to prosperity, Soo's artistic exploration serves as a reflection of self-discovery and cross-cultural dialogue.


The process of meticulously placing each grain of rice, highlighting the silent power that lies within multitudes, pays homage to a time when rice was scarce. It conveys a deep respect for the struggles and resilience of those who endured such scarcity. Through her works, Soo hopes to capture the values of diligence, order, and harmony, creating tangible testaments to these principles.

Soo Kim Yung's artistic journey is an exploration of heritage, resilience, and the power of shared experience, inviting viewers to embark on a thoughtful and culturally rich artistic voyage through her works. Her work bridges the gap between past and present, individual and collective, and heritage and contemporary life.


Soo was accepted into the Leap Year Artist program with Mint in 2023. Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, she holds a BFA in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her works have been exhibited in museums and gallery shows, including the Besharat Museum Gallery (Atlanta, GA), Mason Fine Arts (Atlanta, GA), Stay Home Gallery (Paris, TN), Swan Coach House Gallery (Atlanta, GA), Atlanta Contemporary (Atlanta, GA), Mint Gallery (Atlanta, GA), and Echo Contemporary Art (Atlanta, GA).

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